Donald Trump’s Jewish Cabal

Donald-Trump-Hebrew-Campaign-Text - Copy

Read it and weep (with laughter) kiddies:

Why doesn’t he just save time and have his office in Israhell? Notice that all of his adult kids have married the juden also.  He makes his kids commit the ultimate sacrifice for the Art of the Deal.  Bwahaha.

Donald Trump: crypto-jew or just a nice smiley white-guy travelling salesman suit for the tribe?

On the other hand, its all a bit ridiculous at this point to complain, ain’t it?  Nothing’s going to get a bit better until the world sinks into the seas.

And putting the magnifying glass up to one big ant on top of an anthill doesn’t change the fact that we’re standing pantless and knee-deep on top of one giant fuckin’ hairy anthill.



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