Fake Planes


3 thoughts on “Fake Planes

  1. Living or automated “things” that in desperation are coming out from between the atoms that aren’t there in the air all around us, up above! Creatures or bots or the ghosts of those who have stayed and can’t go on, of yesteryear!

    Or rats that are coming out from underneath the “3rd dimensional pavement”, seeking the light of our sham world, fleeing from the redundant sewage of their own dark world, : the “gehenna” of the “10,5,23”?

    Mister René Guénon, may God forgive him! talked much about all this in his 2 books: “La Crise du Monde Moderne” and “Le Règne de la Quantité et les Signes des Temps”.

    After all, for a world where men adore all too much, lies in great quantity, it is only, quite normal, that this world by its seams(fissures), rip open and that the devils or fake gods of our un-sacred Cities irrupt on the stage before all eyes to see!

    To cheat with one’s true God is painstakingly unforgivable!

    Here in France during the Middle Ages, apparently, the Church assured its mundane & earthly security. By putting in the crypts of churches, just under the Main Altar or there abouts, the holy corpse of a dead saint over a deep well or critical point at the criss crossing of infernal subterranean currents in order to prevent the satanic dragon and his little demons from coming out into the open on the “surface” of the earth! Deranging eventually the good folk!

    …but the Great Cathedrals and humble Churches are either closed or Falling to Ruin!

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    • Kamarad L’Aryen Soufi: Hail to you, Brother! I have strangely & coincidentally recently acquired both of the Guénon books that you mentioned. Can you please elaborate a little more on your thoughts about his works? Is it revelation or is it detraction? “The Reign of Quantity” seems to have intensive researches into a few things that I was going to elaborate upon.


      • Hail ô Kamerad, to you as well brother in Spirit.
        I believe he had good intentions, but a great big ego as well! He loved his following, you know, those little birds that flock together, and always say yes when the “Master” speaks. But I can’t deny him his intellectual honesty & affirmations: what he said about a certain modern mentality, & betrayal towards the “HOLY”& sacred in oneself & in the world…yet I believe occasionally, he would have us all, turn into “Allah’s” or “Guénon’s” canonical robots!
        He took a great deal from the Free Masons, & their rituals that he knew very well. He had a big “head-trip”!
        What he says about initiation, & what he calls the fake-initiates, or counter initiates ressembles somewhat to Don Miguel’s ideas, about the differences between the Aryan Ethnic Tradition & those others of the “kahal”, that are only in reality bad copies that would drain our blood life eternally into the Demiurgic Vat of Jehovah. Guénon apparently didn’t understand that, or perhaps didn’t dare to? He wasn’t, dare I say, very “Nordic”.
        Still I like him for his “Kampf” in spite of it all. And like all those who are somewhat luciferian, suffered none the less, far away out there in Egypt, alone. Hypnotized by the “Oriental” traditions. Yet he believed in the Polar origins of what he called “the Primordial Tradition”.
        When I was younger, and struggling between what was Occult & what was Esoteric & Spiritual, practicing a certain metallurgical alchemy…he came at dawn, while I was waking in my bedroom, under the appearance he’d had when about 30 years of age, wearing white linen and told me to keep fighting, and not to ever stop.
        But who am I but me.
        Guénon was just that as well. An innocent, caught up in the tide of intellectual vanity, but honest & sincere all the same.
        I believe, that one should take what one needs and the rest, throw it out on the streets for the dogs! It is better to talk with Mister Guénon and sometimes listen to him, but in the end one must speak for oneself, while walking on the “sword-bridge”.
        Forgive me if I ranted on a bit too much!
        Hail to You, Kamerad. SH!
        P.S.: It’s one thing to detract or obversely reveal, but another to do something about it. The Führer did something, and he got wet! R. Guénon was a philosopher, a man of regret & the Führer a man of action inspired by God.

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