We’re Not Sorry

…moreover, make way for the New Blood, version 2.0! 

See you at the battlefront, earthen scum! 



3 thoughts on “We’re Not Sorry

  1. …and yet, and yet here in France…it’s too late, & only getting worse. Like a bottle with a distress note, floating in the ocean. Unfortunately the earthen scum does not often confront anything, unless it’s 10 to 1, or 3 to one with weapons and the victim with none, in the dark & in some unruly place…the mind set in Europe has been completely perverted, & has been since long ago! Almost no more Europeans in the big cities, & in the little ones, just habitats for mongrels! All thanks to our humanity, degenerately “educated”(misnommer) humanity! May God have Mercy on us, but He’s fled to Heaven!

    We’ll just have to bring our God back into our hearts, and at least by some clever means, do battle & reclaim what is ours. But here, who deserves such a miracle?

    1 in 10,000 or perhaps even less!

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  2. I feel that we are ghosts living on an accursed plane: since the world has ended in 1945 we are the bizarre remains of the holy blood, left to wander an accursed place as the blood memory, echoes of voices that used to proudly ring in the halls of Walhalla. Has the God left us or have we left God? We are shipwrecked souls here in this sick world. We do not belong here, yet we are cast here to fight the endless hordes, like the Wehrwolf left to fight behind enemy lines. It is a tragedy of immense proportions. Maybe we very very few are the heroic impossibilities to bring a flicker or a spark of light to the very bottom level of Hell, doomed to exist! We are doomed to exist! Praise the F├╝hrer!


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