TV, Hulu and Nervous System Manipulation


3 thoughts on “TV, Hulu and Nervous System Manipulation

  1. I read many years ago, and on talking with certain egyptologists, the subject was mentioned, that the Egyptians when mummifying their dead, & most certainly their “kings”, would take out the innards & only keep 4 of them amongst the others that they would destroy. The 4 they kept, they put into jars; these were known to be Horus’ Companions(fraudulently named his children) in French called Canopes: the heart, the liver, the little & big intestines. The brain they took out thru the nose, n’est-ce pas, with a certain hooked instrument & it was completely thru such a tedious task, ruined & thrown away. Why?

    Because according to certain ancient peoples, & even Traditional Peoples of today if there are any left,…Awareness i.e. Consciousness resided within the HEART. Those who practice Yoga or who have practiced, I suppose have experienced this. Or at least imagined that they did.

    In any case they can kill the body but not the Soul. The Aryan’s seed is in his own Soul, within his seeing mind. & the Mind is nowhere to be found!

    Be honorable at all times even in sleep, your Soul & Blood belong to you!

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  2. Imagine! It is a fascinating prospect. Certainly, this is great information. It would very much realize itself to us through the many symbolism of the heart, the duality of the heart-shape symbolism over the millennia, the El-la. We feel shock, terror and the fluttering of holy love through the heart, and do not feel it in the head / brain, it’s true! The holy silver blood is all that we can lose or hope to gain on this fragile mortal staircase.
    Thank you dearly, Kamerad !


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