Europe in 2020

May Europa fall to its knees and beg forgiveness from the Eternal Führer in the final moments before its demise! 


1984 Amerika 

Are there any “Men” left standing in the south to truly, finally and bloodily “resist”? They tear the statues of your forebearers down like the pussified lemmings that they are, following a pathetic political trend,  and you just stand by and watch?!? 

The Southern Confederate Man is the marching SS Soldier of the Holy War is the Ehrean Man of Atlantis is the Blood Warrior of Thermopylae. Show your respect to them by standing up for them! Resist to the last bloody boot on the beachhead of reality! Return to re-claim your Holy Blood in the Re-Ich! The only way to achieve the hallowed halls of Walhalla is through the spilling of the sacred Blood! Do you think the Valkyries would smile upon you for pitifully bringing a fucking flag to a fight?? LOL. The Valkyries only chose the bravest of the fallen, those who have given it all! 

Sieg Heil the Confederate warrior ! 

Heil Hitler!